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The use of girdles is an ancient practice that dates back to past civilizations such as the Greek, where the use of the corset acquired enormous popularity among the ladies of the aristocracy and nobility. Nowadays, these world-known garments cause controversy regarding their benefits and long-term effects on our body.

Therefore, today we are going to know certain myths and truths regarding the use of girdles and their effects.

Do Girdles Help to Lose Weight?

One of the most frequent myths among us is that if we use our girdle for a prolonged period of time, our waist will get used to this shape and we will magically reduce our measurements. While each and every one of us wishes this were true, it is actually a very false myth.

Although girdles can help us reduce measurements, they are not able to suppress that extra fat that we dislike so much. Rather, their job is to evenly distribute this fat on our body, so that we can highlight our waist and make our clothes fit much better.

Should I take off my girdle to go to the bathroom?

Wrong! Going to the bathroom with your girdle is very simple and fast. In Forma Tu Cuerpo girdles we have developed a perineal insole that you can fasten and unfasten every time you need to go to the bathroom.

Are girdles bad for my health?


Many people attribute different medical problems to the use of girdles, however, this is not true. Using a girdle does not pose any danger to our health and on the other hand can be a good way to improve our posture and avoid lower back pain.

It is essential to select really well the size of our girdle, because the use of a very small size can cause us some discomfort when performing our routine work.

Can I use my girdle to go to the GYM and burn more calories?

There are multiple types of girdles on the market; each one with different materials and purposes. In general, girdles for exercise are made with a canvas known as neoprene, which helps to raise body temperature and burn calories throughout our exercise routine. These girdles generally only cover the abdomen area, giving greater comfort and freedom to perform any exercise.
On the other hand, the control girdles or daily use are designed with canvas such as powernet and lycra, which are resistant materials for greater compression and avoid excessive sweating or anatomical heating. These models are more complete and apart from helping us to delimit our waist, they also help us to lift buttocks, supervise the rolls of the high sword and mold arms and legs.

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