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I am very happy to get in touch with everyone again. The planet is reactivating and each and every one of us feels how everything is starting again, how little by little we can go out, get in touch with old friends, travel, see the outer planet again and return to use our girdles for all occasions. We also resume our plans and life projects, some of them very important, that due to insecurity we had on pause.

I wish to greet with much affection to each and every one of those women who are now close to having a baby, to those who are thinking of becoming mothers and to those who are about to become mothers. I want to congratulate them for this resolution and accompany them from Guitar curve now so definitive and also essential in the life of every woman. This weblog is especially dedicated to them.


When we don’t have children yet, one of the things that makes us worry a lot is how our body will change, if we will be able to be exactly the same again, or if we will look the same after having a baby. The reality is that we are never exactly the same woman after becoming a mother, motherhood is something that crosses our lives and every moment of our existence from the moment of conception onwards will be different, being a mother is a unique experience! We have the privilege of having life inside of us and it changes us, both inside and out. But this should not frighten us, because the fact that we change does not mean that we are going to give up being beautiful and even less if we have a good girdle article childbirth.


One of the things that I have learned in my work, being in contact with so many women and that I want to share with each and every one of those who are interested in reading this weblog, is that women who have taken care of themselves before becoming mothers tend to regain their figure after pregnancy faster, athletes, and generally women who exercise, see how their muscles get back in shape sooner than women who do not exercise their body. There is a popular myth that they get it through surgery, the truth is that if the muscles of the abdomen and back area are strong before PREGNANCY, they will recover faster after childbirth and suffer less danger of having stretch marks, so if you are planning to have a baby, a great idea is to start working on the muscles in this area, and even continue to do so throughout your PREGNANCY under the supervision of a professional whenever the conditions of your PREGNANCY allow it. And here we are going to see how the use of postpartum girdles can help you.


From the moment we conceive a baby in our womb, even before we know we are PREGNANT, our body begins to change to make room inside it for a new life. We go through the first weeks, in which we feel physical exhaustion, changes in our nipples, swelling in our legs, and in which we are advised to rest enough so that the baby can grow healthily and nourish us well, then comes the second trimester, in which we no longer feel so much nausea, nor so much tiredness.

The baby starts to grow and soon we will be able to feel it moving in us, in our belly. This is very exciting! This is the period of PREGNANCY in which we feel more relaxed, the baby is not so heavy and we can still move with great agility. Then comes the third trimester, now we are gradually heavier. For this season I invite you to use a maternal girdle, which will help you to support your abdominal muscles, since the weight of the baby increases day after day and becomes quite difficult to handle. Now our body is completely transformed, we weigh between eleven and sixteen kilos more than our usual weight, and although a large part of this weight will be lost at the moment of delivery, not all of it will be gone immediately. Nature is wise, and one of the reasons why we have accumulated weight is because throughout breastfeeding, the baby will make us consume many calories and many nutrients.  Of course, each process can be different, but these are general ideas to keep in mind.


Check here our section of Girdles Article Childbirth

The postpartum period is a period that goes from the birth of the baby until approximately six to eight weeks after delivery. It is a period of many hormonal and physical changes. When the baby is born many hormones are released in women that are necessary to do the work of motherhood, but this hormonal explosion can also cause a lot of anxiety or the famous postpartum depression, we must be prepared and really well accompanied for these days. We must try to have people we trust to be close to us and the baby during these days.


For this stage it is essential to choose the best postpartum girdle, whether it is a cesarean section or a normal delivery. However, there are some myths surrounding the use of postpartum girdles and I wanted to tell you from my personal experience and the experience of my friends how much of it is true and how much of it is a hoax. MYTHS AND TRUTHS ABOUT POSTPARTUM GIRDLES


MYTH: Postpartum girdles should not be used after a cesarean section.
TRUTH: The use of a good postpartum girdle helps to close the stitches, as it happens after procedures such as cosmetic surgeries, helps to rearrange your organs, your uterus, your pelvic floor, helps your skin to adhere soon to your body. You should still use it from the first day, as in any other surgery. Always and at all times under the guidance of your doctor.
MYTH: Wearing a POST-POST-PARTUM girdle wears out the muscles.
TRUTH: The muscles in the abdominal and back area are worn out after PREGNANCY and childbirth and it is not recommended to exercise at least during the first eight weeks after PREGNANCY, throughout this period the use of a POST-POST-PARTUM girdle helps to avoid bad posture, pain, fatigue and subsequent injuries due to bad posture. The POST PREGNANCY girdle maintains the muscles of the belly, preventing them from becoming more distended during this period, supports the back and also helps prevent the buttocks from sagging.
MYTH: Postpartum girdles can cause incontinence.
TRUTH: It is very common for some women to have urinary incontinence after childbirth, they may leak urine after coughing or laughing, this is not related to the use of girdles but rather with the damaged pelvic floor after childbirth. Stop worrying if this happens to you, you can do Kegel exercise routines to strengthen your pelvic floor and overcome it. And again, follow your doctor’s instructions.



The postpartum girdle will help the organs of our body to accommodate faster, especially helps to rearrange the uterus and pelvic floor, this is much better than if we do not use any girdle, this is positive for our body and for us.
The postpartum girdle will improve the posture of your back, especially when you are going to carry or breastfeed your baby. Your body has been subjected to excessive weight for months and this has worn out your muscles. The postpartum girdle will support your back muscles and prevent possible future problems.
The postpartum girdle is ideal in the case of a cesarean section, since it helps to hold the stitches together and in such a case it is advisable to use it from the first day.
It helps prevent the formation of seromas, or fluid accumulation after cesarean section.
It helps to keep the wound apart.
The use of the girdle article childbirth prevents pain when coughing or laughing and prevents the muscles from becoming more uncomfortable in these moments.
Both in the case of natural childbirth or cesarean section, many women have a feeling of emptiness in the stomach or belly area that is very uncomfortable, the use of postpartum girdle blog prevents this feeling.
A postpartum girdle conceals the bulky belly after childbirth, so that favors the image and self-esteem, which is so essential for women now hormonal changes, look good helps you feel better.



The most essential recommendation is to enjoy the first days of your baby’s life to the fullest. When it comes to recovering your figure, you know that you can count on the Guitar curves girdles. Another product that will help you in this stage is our leggings, which has support for the belly, lifts your buttocks and also controls the legs and are ideal to be comfortable or to exercise. You can start exercising to regain your muscle strength from the third month if you had a normal birth and if you had a cesarean section you can exercise more freely from the sixth month, to be sure but get advice from a professional and always try at all times not to force yourself but to go little by little. Perform Kegel exercises even if you do not have incontinence, as these will make your pelvic floor is in shape and situation after childbirth.

Use a postpartum girdle that does not tighten too much in the first days, now the priority is not to form waist, but rather to re-accommodate the muscles, for this I invite you to the girdle with 3 strings of snaps, which you can adjust as you feel more comfortable and then it will help you to form waist. Remember that for your POSTPARTUM you can buy a somewhat larger girdle and then in our girdle clinic we can adjust it as you go down in size. Above all, enjoy. Always and always count on us, congratulations!

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