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Pack of 3 Lipo foam abdominal compression foam pads for after liposuction 8 “X 11”.


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PERFECT PROTECTION: Our postoperative liposuction foam is made of high breathable permium material, which can prevent your fragile skin from any damage. Our liposuction foam pads will flatten your abdomen and speed up your recovery process. With the use of lipo foam sheets, you will feel and see a difference in your pain, discomfort, image and results.
PROPORTIONATE SUPPORT AND COMPRESSION: Lipo foam compression sheets can limit the amount of edema that forms and hasten its resolution by mechanical pressure after surgery. Our soft, flexible postoperative aids dissolve bruising and assist flaccid skin to retract. We recommend purchasing 5 or more sheets at a time.
MULTI-PURPOSE FUNCTION: The lipofoam Ab sheet can be inserted between a compression garment and the suctioned areas, and also fits arms, chin, abdomen, thighs or any area where uniform healing is needed. The additional padding of Gepoetry’s lipofoam can be extremely helpful when using the compression phase recovery garment. Convenient compression, healing and rest are key steps in the surgical procedure.
ACCELERATE RECOVERY: Lipo foam pads can provide full compression over the healing area and ensure exactly the same pressure for greater comfort and faster healing. And it reduces the amount of bruising and helps loose skin to retract or shrink.
FIT YOUR SHAPE PERFECTLY: this post-surgical lipo foam is ergonomic, post-surgical foam pads are an invisible abdominal board for abs under compression garments and will attract absolutely no one’s attention. So you can use it wherever you stay at home or go out. Surgeons recommend using foam sheets for 2-fourteen days. Foam sheets are used after cellulite reduction, abdominoplasty, hip surgery, tummy tuck, knee surgery, panniculectomy, liposculpture, breast augmentation and more.

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Weight 91.00197 lbs
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